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Passenger elevator

Passenger elevator

Nowadays , the passenger elevators are supplied in two categories of traction & hydraulic. By considering the function & the traffic in the elevators location they are designed & assembled in different capacities accordingly. It is noteworthy that traction devices may be designed and installed as customised with the engine chamber or with the small engine chamber (alongwith utilising gearless engines) for every building & hospital,the devices without engine chamber may be used for special cases,low capacity users the hydraulic deviceas have their own function with specified advantage.

In two types of traction & hydraulic

in different engine chambers or even in small engine chambers (gearless)

hydraulic special advantage and funchtion.

Passenger elevators projects specification

System type : traction.
Capacity : 450 kg.
Number of stops : 6
Execution 1:1 installation methods.
Driving system model : gearbox motor Alberto Sassi.
Model : LEO 3VF 5.5kw.