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N.B.M elevators & industrial Lifts

Panoramic elevators

based on the elevators position and layout,glass cabins are designed and assembled in variety versions.


Car lift

these type of lifts are designed & assembled for the vertical lifting of cars and lifttucks for the capacities 2-20 tons.


Passenger elevators

considering the typical function , the traffic & the location to be utilized , different capacities are designed & assembled.


Lightweight lift

these types of lifts are designed in kg. in two versions of 1)traction 2)hydraulic and are based on 100-1000 kgs capacity.


Home elevators

these type of elevators occupy much less spaces and are typically installed in a very small size dimensions.



Heavy duty lift

these type of lifts are typically categorized in 2 versions: 1)traction 2)hydraulic bywich are designed and assembled 1-5


N.B.M Lift

Variety industrial lifts manufacturer

Since early 1970 acquiring technological know how with practical technical executive experiences merged together simultaneously to enable us to manufacture lifts in collaboration with the "Sabiem","Otis","Kone-Westing House" bywhich our cooperation continued right after 1979 while "Mitsubishi" and Fuji brands were also included in our market brand expansion by establishing a mother company specialised in lift manufacturing in 1982 our major business alongwith the acquired experience & technology kept continuing quite scientifically and based on the know how,we have been able to meet with your requirement by utilising our technical group & our colleagues since over 39 yeare ago.
It suffices to get in touch with us to honour us to meet with your requirement.

تاسیس شرکت مادر تخصصی بالابر در سال 1361 کار و فعالیت همراه با کسب تجربه وتکنولوژی روز بصورت کاملا علمی و تخصصی ادامه یافت

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